Suzuki's VX 800 was not a success.

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Suzuki's VX 800 was not a success.

The somewhat expansive-looking VX800 was designed at Suzuki's Design Studio in California. The VX is made on the basis of the only charismatic custom / chopper that ever came from Japan: the Suzuki Intruder. Most commonly used are the stated end production dates of 1993 for The States and 1997 for Europe.

The engine is from the Intruder 800.

The ignition is electronic, the secondary transmission is with a cardan and the valves can simply be put in the shed. The modified block of the Intruder 800 was used for the VX. With the European version, the lever taps on 75 ° were moved. The intention was that the block would therefore run nicer at higher (because European) speeds. In the USA version, the lever taps were on 45 ° for the better Harley feeling at lower revs. Those blocks sounded better. Those Americans also had a shorter final transmission for better acceleration from every traffic light. For the rest, other camshafts and carburetors provide a power output of 61.5 hp instead of the 55 horses of the Intruder 800. The block is quite sensitive to the correct oil change intervals. The starter motor relay sometimes breaks.

Sam was not Tom Tjaarda

Designer Sam Yamasaki was not divinely talented, but he had done his best. Only the VX was a bit too American. The suspension and damping were completely tailored to the States, soaked. The single disk in the front wheel was also not too convincing. The machine's center of gravity was emotionally high and gave his rider the idea of ​​wanting to dive into the corner. You are nice and active on the Suzuki. Add to that the 800 cc V-twin at a kilometer on 120 is also very economical.

The V twin starts easily and runs nicely.

The choke can be removed soon. Switching on and driving off is fine. The block is nice to speed up, but when it is cold it tends to turn off unexpectedly when the gas is closed. Turning the no-load speed slightly corrects that problem. While driving, the Suzuki turns out to be a somewhat slow-moving motorcycle. With a VX you are relaxed on the road. Not unimportant in these times: with 110-120 km / h, the twin 1 runs on 20. You don't hear the exhausts, but a friendly growl sounds from under the tank. The brakes are sufficient to do what they have to do.

With a half cockpit, the VX is called 'Highlander'.

The VX800 requires and is not a top investment. But this motorcycle in the twilight between yountimer and oldtimer is a separate machine with a strong dose of charm and usability. And starting cheaper with traditional motorcycling is almost impossible.

The engine
The block of the VX800 was derived from that of the Intruder 750, had a bore three mm larger and Ø 36 instead of Ø34 mm carburetors.

The weak points

The front fork seals are not the strongest point. The quality of the plugs in the cable harness is poor. Oh yes: There is something about the carburation. With an open gas tap, a combustion space full of gas can run. That is the end of the block. On the jiffy, the bike stands very upright. Jacking is very tough.

The parts supply
The motorcycle break is the first stop

The market
Think of amounts from € 350 to 1600 for a topper



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