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No competition winner. But you can sit again
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No competition winner. But you can sit again

Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair tool that allows you to easily close cracks and holes in practically all materials. It is unprecedentedly strong and elastic. Tear-Aid is not a temporary solution. It is a permanent repair product that deserves a permanent place in your outdoor and indoor equipment.

Tear-Aid has various properties that make it the ideal repair tool: it is extremely strong, waterproof, airtight, very elastic, it does not discolor, it does not dry out and is permanent.

Tear-Aid repairs, among other things: (inflatable) - swimming pools, swimming pool foils, PVC, covers, tarpaulins, acrylic baths, inflatable materials, air mattresses, PP pump housings, heat exchangers, tent cloth, rubber (inflatable) boats, sun and rain screens, jackets and bags.
But also products made of aluminum, stainless steel, polyester and more.

Tear-Aid is available in type A and type B. Both types have the same unique qualities but can be applied to different materials. Type A is applicable on most substrates except for PVC / vinyl. Type B is available for PVC / vinyl.

Type B is therefore useful for us: think of seats, convertible windows, vinyl car tops, buddy seats ...

The stuff costs something from 12,50 per package

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