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    Resuscitation with obstacles – column

    Owning a BMW GS does not make the owner an accomplished motorcyclist. But the man we overtook was driving like a wet rag. When we had a nicotine stop a few kilometers further – you have to nurture your addictions – the BMW limped into the parking lot and came to an embarrassing clumsy stop. Then to fall. We knew that BMW drivers have their traditions, but this was new to us. So we went to have a look. More

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    BMW 700. The most important car in the history of the brand

    In the 1950s, BMW faced many financial problems. It struggled with a completely incoherent model range. That included the Isetta and the V8 models (BMW 501 / 502). There was a gap between these model generations. While BMW made every effort in 1959 to keep Daimler-Benz out of doors, it was surprising with the arrival of the BMW 700. The model became an extremely important car in the history of BMW. More

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    BMW E30 M3. Balance between competition and everyday use.

    This year, the really spicy version of the BMW 3 Series is thirty-five years old, almost as long as Auto Motor Klassiek. In 1986 – based on the E30 Baureihe – the BMW E30 M3 saw the light of day. According to the makers, this was the car that set new standards in the sporty segment. And BMW – together with its Motorsport division – was committed to creating the perfect balance between a high-performance sports car and everyday use with the M3. The Bavarians succeeded in this plan. More

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    Krauser. You know that brand from the suitcases.

    Krauser. You know that brand from the suitcases. But so much more beautiful things have been made by this man! Like the BMW Krauser MKM 1000. From 1980-1982. A few hundred were made. 'MKM' stands for Mike Krauser Munich. Because Krauser supplied conversion kits to release the Beast in BMW boxers.. But it […] More

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    Organization CLASSICSNL looks back with satisfaction on the second edition

    In October 2015, CLASSICSNL - the fair for classic cars in Leeuwarden - had an excellent start. High-quality and high-quality commercial offerings and classics for exhibition purposes formed excellent starting points for establishing the high-quality image of CLASSICSNL. This year the fair grew in all areas. The floor space, the number of participants and the ambiance […] More

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    CLASSICSNL is ready for a promising second edition

    The second edition of CLASSICSNL will take place from 28 to 30 October at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. Everything has been prepared to make the classic fair an even greater success than the already successful debut edition of 2015. “All stands are sold out and we have succeeded in […] More

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    BMW Meeting Marum 4 September

    On Sunday 4 September, the Kruisweg in Marum will be dedicated to the brand that is celebrating its centenary this year. A new edition of the BMW Meeting Marum is being organized in Groningen. That is not just an event where BMW fellow believers meet. The BMW Meeting Marum belongs to […] More

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    Anniversary edition Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort becomes motorsport party

    The Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort celebrates its fifth anniversary on 2, 3 and 4 September 2016. The racing program is a mix of the well-known crowd favorites and 'new' racing classes, including a class for pre-war sportscars. Appealing demos and the drivers' parade through the center of Zandvoort are examples of the many highlights of the three-day motorsport celebration. […] More

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    BMW adds centenary to atmospheric Knokke

    As you know by now, BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. As early as August 14, a special pop-up retrospective exhibition was organized on the dike at the BMW Beach Lounge. The public enjoyed an exclusive pre-war 327 and a 502 'Baroque Angel' from the fifties. Also the iconic Isetta and more recent […] More

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    Driving the BMW 728 (E23). An impressive experience.

    In 1977, BMW made its definitive comeback to the absolute top class in the car world with the BMW 728. The 7 series made its debut as Baureihe E23. Predecessor E3 (2500-2800-3.0-3.3) had already covered a considerable part of the Stairway to Carheaven for the Bavarians. The 7 Series was the crowning glory. […] More

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    BMW Group Classic brings history together in one place

    BMW Group Classic has completed a major move. From now on, visitors can find everything about the history of the 100-year-old brand in Milbertshofen (Munich). The extensive collection of cars, archives, customer centre, workshop and spare parts service are now grouped under one roof. BMW Group Classic thus also returns to […] More

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    Bavarian breakthrough. The BMW 02 series.

    When the spring of 1966 arrives, many are sure. BMW has definitely taken the road up. Munich shows the BMW-02 series with the 1600-02 in Geneva to the general public. The BMW 02 series series is born. He will develop legendary status. And put BMW on the map definitively. Debut The BMW-02 […] More

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