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  • Citroën CX Family

    Citroën CX Familiale: La grande dame

    The gray color of this 33 year old is the same as the state in which the Citroën CX Familiale is in trouble. No love, no more excitement and now so boring. Of course this is because of the layers of fabric and the colors that nature gradually gives her. By: Dirk de Jong We found this neglected 'voiture' in Read more

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    A day at Concours d'Élégance at Soestdijk Palace

    On 24 and 25 August, the time-honoured Concours d'Élégance had its baptism of fire at Soestdijk Palace. At the invitation of Peugeot Netherlands I walk around there. And I greet Dutch etiquette, which concludes in itself a curious mix of automotive beauty, etiquette and sometimes dormant indecency. Fun, refreshing, that's what it is on Soestdijk. Read more

  • National Oldtimer Day 2019
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    National Oldtimer Day 2019. Enjoy in Lelystad

    The prospects for Father's Day 2019 are good. And that description does not only mean the findings of the weather women and men. Because the announcements of the organizers of the 35e edition of the National Oldtimerday 2019 in Lelystad do not lie. 100 year Citroën, 100 years of Alvis, the Belle Epoque, a Read more

  • Citroën

    100 years Citroën. The company car history. Part One

    2019. It is the year that Citroën celebrates the centenary. The French car manufacturer started an illustrious history of 100 years ago with the introduction of the 10 HP Type A. Soon there were variants in the price lists that were targeted by representatives and other small self-employed people: the company cars. Citroën stands still in two parts Read more

  • Antwerp Classic Salon

    Next weekend: 42-th Antwerp Classic Salon with beautiful themes

    The 1nd edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon will open at 2019 p.m. on Friday, March 14, 42. The 20.000 m² of Antwerp Expo will be filled again with hundreds of top classics, literature, scale models, automobilia, parts, clothing. In short: everything related to the classic car. This 42nd edition has no fewer than four main themes, and they are beautiful Read more

  • 2CV

    History of the 2CV. Part 3. 1974-1990 (slot)

    It was in 2018 seventy years ago that Citroën introduced a special car during the Paris Salon: the 2CV. The French jubilee was received skeptically by the international press, and he was a hit with the general public. In the first two parts we described the career of the 2CV until 1974. In Read more