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  • Citroën BX

    A Citroën BX with four tons on the counter

    A Citroën BX of four tons. Not yet in euros, but the times when you could buy good BXs for 300 guilders are over. Such a 'small big' because hydraulically sprung - Citroën can already exceed 4.000 euros. The BX we got pictures of wouldn't have cost four tons, he More

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    ŠKODA with sextet in Sachsen Classic 2016

    He is regarded as the 'Mille Miglia of the East' – the Sachsen Classic. This year, ŠKODA is sending six icons to the classic rally. The six historic ŠKODA models range from the ŠKODA 430 from 1926 to the ŠKODA FAVORIT 'Monte Carlo Rally' from 1991. The 14th edition of the Sachsen Classic More