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    VW TL, the 'Traurige Lösung'?

    A VW TL 'Fastback'? That was my first car. I bought it from the garage that serviced my father's 1501 Break. As a conscripted soldier I paid 300 guilders for it. And a good driving TL for 150 euros? He won't be that anymore. Because Beetles got dated Om More

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    A VW TL with injection

    A VW TL with injection. A TLE… We hadn't seen that before. And neither does Harry Heideveld. But Harry, who is a Ford Mustang specialist, fell head over heels for the powder blue, fully authentic maxi Beetle. The car has only run about 38.000 miles and has the signs of use that are currently More

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    A German Fastback. The VW type 3

    My first car was once a VW type 3 Fastback. The manager of the Lugtenburg garage, where my father was a customer, had said that the car was so good that he used it as a breakdown and rental car. With the sale of the VW to a customer's son, the entrepreneur touched both his More