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  • Volkswagen Golf

    Volkswagen Golf Diesel. Revolution in 1976.

    In the first half of the 204s, Volkswagen engineers looked closely at the fairly limited diesel supply within the car industry. Also prompted by the first oil crisis, the development of a new generation of compact diesel power units is starting. Peugeot is already building small diesels for the 304 and XNUMX. But VW decides that the Golf concept lends itself perfectly to a much improved diesel engine. The diesel engine should not only be economical and efficient. The new diesel will also have to demonstrate performance values ​​that correspond to engines from comparable petrol cars. The starting points form the prelude to the first VW Golf Diesel. Read more

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    VW Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo developed into a crowd favorite after its birth in 1975. The Polo was positioned as a cheaper brother of the Audi 50, but it soon turned out to outpace it in popularity. The first Polo series sold well and laid the foundation for the current Polo success. The Spartan Read more

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    40 years Triumph Owners Club Netherlands

    40 years Triumph Owners Club Nederland, that is worth a party! From Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 June, the 40 will be celebrating its birthday in Leende Triumph Owners Club Nederland (TOCN) celebrated during the Trumpet Treffen. In the beginning The TOCN was founded at the time for the Meriden Triumphs but now Read more

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    Cars that turn 40 years old in 2017. A selection.

    In 2017, various car models will celebrate their 40th anniversary. It means that these jubilees will achieve Dutch classic car status. We present a selection of this category of 2017-year-olds from 305. Peugeot 1977 In 305, the Peugeot 304 saw the light of day. The French brought a contemporary car with the middle class, which succeeded the XNUMX. Read more

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    Exotics and jubilees during 41-e Salon Rétromobile in Paris

    The prestigious Salon Rétromobile in Paris celebrates its 1976th anniversary. This year again, the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles is home to an impressive collection of classic vehicles. Among other things, they give a nod to the year XNUMX. Furthermore, many themes are brought together by a great diversity of participants and clubs. Icons from an impressive past Read more

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    DKW Club Nederland exists 40 year this weekend

    The DKW Club Nederland will be 22 years old on 40 November. The club has been connecting owners of two-stroke motor vehicles with Auto Union and DKW logos on the hood since the end of 1975. The association was founded in order to preserve the DKW/Auto Union two-stroke heritage and the joint Read more