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  • VW Jeg

    VW Jeg. Or rather: Jeg

    A lot has already been done on the basis of Volkswagen technology. This varies from putting all kinds of plastic bodywork on a complete rolling VW platform to using VW boxer blocks in motorcycles. Read more

  • Mitsubishi Space Wagon

    Mitsubishi Space Wagon

    It appeared in 1983 like a box of thunder against a gray winter sky. The Mitsubishi Space Wagon. And Mitsubishi has been around for 100 years now. But find another cool, early Space-Wagon. An impressive history Mitsubishi Motors has built up an impressive history over the past 100 years. No segment was skipped. From luxurious Read more

  • Haflinger

    Haflinger, small but brave

    “The Haflinger is a popular horse that stands out for its chestnut color with a light flax mane and tail. With his small height, he falls under the ponies in size, but is still a horse breed. It is a versatile horse that puts its best foot forward in almost all forms of equestrian sport”. Personally I have Read more

  • Jeepster

    Willys Jeepster: Nice and sunny

    Jeepsters are civilian vehicles. But: In Den Beginne there were the Jeeps, the military jack-of-all-trades who killed the heavy military motorcycle sidecar combinations. There are many stories about the naming of those Jeeps. So it would be the corruption of 'G.P'. as in 'General Purpose'. The reference to 'Eugene Read more

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    The Toyota Land Cruiser in AMK number 11

    The Toyota Land Cruiser. According to Toyota fans, that would be the best Jeep-like Land Rover has never made. Before these kinds of vehicles became obese and luxurious, they were tools, implements. They had to be able to function under the most minimalistic conditions. And in the meantime, a Toyota Land Cruiser is (almost) even Read more

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    A classic as a service car

    A classic as a service car. Is that allowed? At first we thought we saw a car without a driver coming. But Moniek van Donkersgoed, lawnmower driver, climbed out of the 4WD Dodge. Completely serious with Plafond Online as a sponsor. The most rare. LPG-fired 4WD Dodge, which is about twice the height of its rider,  Read more

  • VW bus, 4WD

    Gustav Mayer, the boss of VW's company vehicle store, was a travel enthusiast. And when traveling in his own VW bus, he missed some ground clearance and a drive. Gustav went to talk to colleague Henning Duckstein and in 1975 they made the first 4WD VW bus. They did that with a two-liter engine and the things they had in hand. Plus their craftsmanship and enthusiasm. Read more