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    Citroën Qatar (1982). Inspiration in action. 

    A Qatar what? When you hear the name, does it get acutely foggy in your head? You can bet that you have something very special as the owner of this one Citroën 'kitcar'. You don't have a car like that to yourself. Everyone who sees the car enjoys this funny and practical pickup. If you enter the name Sifft Katar into your buzzing machine, you will be extensively informed about the development of this Mèhari-type off-road vehicle.  More

  • Lada Niva

    Lada Niva. He just did it

    be bought. Stay whole. His man is in the field. He did it all and without fuss. And especially without luxury. Luxury? No, because that was not necessary for anything. Luxury was a pernicious pleasure for thoroughly spoiled Westerners who, due to a speed bump or hefty curb, were no longer in the midst of their strength. More