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  • BMW

    BMW / 5. Very reliable

    The BMW /5. A very reliable engine Having an archive is fantastic. In an archive you will find, for example, the weekly Motor magazine of December 24, 1971. And it contains the driver's report of the then recent BMW /5.series. 211 reports were submitted (on 213 machines). The /5 series was regarded as very reliable […] More

  • Moto Morini

    The Moto Morini 350, that other Italian V twin

    Moto Morini was officially called: Fabbrica Italiana Motocicli Morini, Bologna. But just find a tank that fits that. The brand was founded in 1936 by Alfonso Morini. He first built fast 123 cc, later 174 cc two-strokes and very fast OHVs and engines with an overhead camshaft. In the context of the […] More

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