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Maserati Indy

The Maserati Indy. Classic exotic from Modena

The Maserati Indy is more than half a century young. For the Italian manufacturer, that is a good reason to reflect on the classic sports car from Modena and the fact that on 1 July 2019 it was fifty years ago that the first Indy was delivered. Afterwards (between 1969 and 1975) more than 1.100 built copies would follow. Today he can safely be counted among the exotics among the classics.
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Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ Series 1

The Jaguar XJ. The legacy assigned to the new British exclusive sports sedan was not easy. A whole range of models was sooner or later retired by the newcomer. Under the auspices of Sir William Lyons, a…

car year 1968

The 1968 car year: part 3 (slot)

2018 is a year in which many illustrious car models celebrate their anniversary. We look back on the car year 1968, in which various historic cars saw the light of day. We presented part one and part two of the triptych earlier this year. Today…