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    Benelli Tornado 1970-1975

    In 1968 Benelli presented the 650 Tornado. A two-cylinder parallel pushrod twin. In keeping with the Italian approach, it then took a few more years before the machines came up for sale. At the beginning of the 650s, the two-cylinder pushrod concept was actually already outdated and buried. The Tornado had to compete with the brands and machines that when the XNUMX finally went on sale… had actually already toppled over. Read more

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    Half a motor, better than an empty cap

    It is often grumbled that 'nobody is doing anything anymore'. As with a lot of grumbling, this is not too bad. But some really 'do' a lot more than others. Harm Schrage is such a person. We came into contact with him through the fanfare. This is what he did. In his own words: Read more

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    Panther, insistent at all costs

    For forty years, Phelon and Moore honed their single-cylinder concept until they sculpted the ideal sidecar puller from it. That was at the time when sidecar combinations were definitely a thing of the past. The Panther Model 120 The basis of the engines and their characteristic forward-hanging cylinder was already laid in 1924. The final Read more