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    War on the Veluwezoom

    A lot of films have been made about Arnhem. Wencel Maresch has written the book War on the Veluwezoom about Dieren, Ellecom, Laag-Soeren and Spankeren in wartime. That piece of history has intrigued him for years. In doing so, he gives the war a 'local' face. That's extra exciting. Because also to the always so rustic More

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    A tribute to Carlo Abarth: the 695 Biposto Record

    Abarth pays tribute to the original and glorious founder with the new 695 Biposto Record. Because Carlo Abarth set a sensational record on the Monza circuit 50 years ago with a Fiat Abarth 1000 Monoposto Record Class G. Abarth is therefore now bringing the special and in an edition of 133 pieces. More