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  • Renault 5. Successful compact and at home in all markets

    Renault 5. Successful compact and at home in all markets

    Modern, sleek, practical, front-wheel drive and child of a period when compact cars came of age. This title can be applied in full to the Renault 1972 shown to the general public in February 5. Immediately after the introduction, it became clear that the French had hit the bull's eye with their new front-wheel drive compact. More

  • Fiat 500

    The New Beetle, the Fiat 500, the Mini, and the Alpine

    Retro name giving: Is that a guarantee of success? If we look at the current car and motorcycle industry, since the arrival of the New Beetle, the Fiat 500 and the new – very large – Mini, the trend towards the 'leap forward into the past' is noticeable. That phenomenon can More

  • Renault

    Easy Life. Renault looks back at Concours 2018 in Apeldoorn

    Renault and Concours d'Élégance Paleis het Loo: they have been inextricably linked for some time. The French brand was also prominently present at the event this year. The French car brand, which will celebrate its 2018th anniversary in 120, looks back on a long weekend in Apeldoorn. The brand's birthday became More

  • Alpine A110

    Investigation requested: A red Alpine A110

    While cleaning up some archive stuff, we came across this old file. There are a few photos of an Alpine A110 that is apparently on its way to become doubly tough and extra fast. The photos were undoubtedly taken in the Netherlands. And there is even an almost recognizable person on a More

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    Record number of visitors sees Lancia win at Het Loo

    The annual Concours d'Elégance Paleis Het Loo was won last weekend by a beautiful Lancia Astura Serie II. A record number of visitors saw the unique Lancia win the cup. Until now, the Concours d'Elégance has always been stuck at just under 25.000 visitors. Although the organization has reduced the number of visitors to the edition of More

  • Alpine

    Leading role for Alpine at Concours 't Loo in Apeldoorn

    Alpine is going big during the 13th edition of the Concours d'Elégance Paleis Het Loo, which will be held this year on 1 and 2 July. After the unveiling of the new A110 at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, the model can now be seen in the Netherlands for the first time during the Concours. More

  • Alpine A110

    New Alpine A110 in July to Concours d'Elegance in Apeldoorn

    It is a car that we follow with more than normal interest. Modern technology and classic lines come together less and less these days. Alpine has managed to realize that sometimes delightful combination. The new Alpine A110 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. And this French sportsman with various retro features will also More

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    Back from the past: Alpine

    Alpine is now reborn. Jan has accepted his loss of dreams, but the new Alpine is also suitable for people of a western European size. And how should we estimate the re-use of the illustrious brand name? It will be a marketing concept again.

    Alpine has taken the veil of the newcomer during the start ceremony of the 24 Hour of Le Mans.

    The Celebration is the harbinger of the sports car with which Alpine returns in 2016. More

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