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  • Theft

    Theft and justice

    Visiting a client in the center of Antwerp? That's what you get the engine for. And my V7 was ready for a long ride. I rarely, if ever, lock my motorcycles. And if there's a rear-view mirror on it, I'll stick my helmet on that. I put More

  • BFOV

    BFOV: Belgian municipal elections on 14 October important for old-timer owner

    In the Netherlands it has been quiet for some time in the environmental zone area. Among the Dutch neighbors to the south, the Belgian equivalents are still very much on the mind. From 1 October, diesel vehicles with a Euro 0 or Euro 1 standard are not allowed to enter the Low Emission Zone in Brussels, on pain of a fine of €350. The Antwerp variant More

  • Moto Guzzi

    On the Moto Guzzi in Antwerp. A strange experience

    A classic is to drive. So when I recently had to go to Antwerp, I made that ride on my trusty Moto Guzzi V7. And of course the trip went smoothly. After the appointment I walked to my motorcycle. I'm very confident. Somewhat on the lazy side. My helmet and gloves More

  • Antwerp Classic Salon

    Appealing themes during the 41-th Antwerp Classic Salon

    The 2st edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon will take place in Antwerp from 4 to 41 March. This traditionally pleasant fair once again hosts two appealing themes this year. Within the Antwerp Expo, the organization has freed up space for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. She also celebrates the 70th anniversary More

  • Arnhem environmental zone

    Environmental zone news continues to keep people in Belgium and the Netherlands busy.

    The environmental zone news continues to occupy people's minds and provide a distinction in urban policy. On 1 February, the Flemish equivalent of the Dutch environmental zone – the Low Emission Zone – in Antwerp will be updated. Meanwhile, it was announced in the Netherlands that the College of Mayor and Aldermen of Haarlem does not like an environmental zone More