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Purchasing classics there
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The booty of Barneveld ...

At the fair in Barneveld - nowadays actually Kootwijkerbroek or something like that - we of course found exactly what we were looking for. Like ten metal valve caps for two euros. But we also took a few of those printed PDFs with us. Leaflets. So brochures. That is why we now know that: Moped club De Brommende Mug is organizing a moped fair in Meppel on November 2, at Setheweg 45, 7942 LA in Meppel. From 0900-1600 hours. Entrance 5 euros The Old Motorcycle Club Herselt organizes a bilingual exchange fair for old and classic motorcycles / ine bourse d'echanges motos anciennes. This happens at 2230 Blauberg-Herselt (B). The entrance is three euros. www.omch.be On November 16-17 there will be the Retro Motor Fair in the heated halls of the Fr. Beavers. You will find it at Lierselei 177, 2390 In Oostmaale, Flanders. You can spend the night in the parking lot. the 'entrance' is 5 euros

Retro Tacot

On 30 and 31 October, the Lotto Expo in Mons, Belgium (also known as Bergen in the Low Countries) is all about the Rétro Tacot trade fair. Something new? No, before