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  • VW Fusca (1963)

    VW Fusca (1963). VW do Brasil by Willie. 

    Connoisseurs will then know that we are talking about an air-cooled type that was produced in Brazil, and that is of course our trusted solid VW Beetle. This story is about this world car that actually crossed the ocean (2008) and came from tropical Brazil – via Portugal – to the cold Netherlands.  Read more

  • VW Jeg

    VW Jeg. Or rather: Jeg

    A lot has already been done on the basis of Volkswagen technology. This varies from putting all kinds of plastic bodywork on a complete rolling VW platform to using VW boxer blocks in motorcycles. Read more

  • Brazil

    Classics in Brazil

    Brazil? Is that about buttocks, bellies, breasts, the smallest bikinis and dancing all night? Well no! do not be crazy. It is of course about classic cars. And Germans. There are many Germans in Brazil. And wherever Germans are, they love cars. In any case, this resulted in Read more

  • in

    End of Fiat Uno

    Many successful models in Europe start a new life far beyond the sea after production has stopped here. Think of India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia. The Fiat Uno was Read more

  • Go Brazil 2014

    GoBrazil: 27 mille

    The end of the crisis must be in sight. The GoBrazil 2014 has almost reached its minimum number of registrations. And that while the registration has only just opened. Read more

  • gobrasil 2014

    A few places left ...

    If you have enough time & money, then we have good news for you: the organization reported that there are still a few places available for the GoBrasil 2014. As an indication: you fly there on your own and pay your drinks. Read more