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    Classics in Canada – Message from Bas

    And through our Canadian friend Bas van der Hoek you will hear about John Anthony MacGregor, Citroëns own Prophet in Canada. Somewhere in the story there is also the set of aluminum rims that Bas scored for his CX and for which he had to have special wheel bolts. That worked. The local parts supply of classic Citroëns is apparently well done within the Canadian enthusiast circles. More

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    Canada, networks and a Porsche

    Canada is like America, but more civilized. Canada is a kind of Europe, but a bit more adventurous. Canada is also much more focused on Europe than the States which are mainly focused on the United States of America. And - not unimportantly - in Canada there are many more European classics than in The States, apart from the VW Beetles and vans. Canada is even bigger and wider than Gelderland and the Achterhoek. More

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    IVA men M / F can be found everywhere

    We know someone who has completed the IVA training. At one point he had a whole bunch of garages. Then he went into serious real estate. He was even close to the Quote 500. His neo-liberal approach to real estate resulted in him getting stuck. That man More