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Honda and the Bami blocks

It's that time again: A massive revival of motorcycling (including the love of classics) is reported. And now De Jeugd would also hook up. We don't see it going that fast, also because we've heard the story so many times.
There classics purchasing (copy)

Hurry, hassle and Sunday mornings - column

It's after 22.00am and in after XNUMXpm. My phone is pinging its classic ring tone. It is a media expert that asks how long I can hold my stomach and whether I will be free for a photo session on Sunday morning - and maybe a bit of the afternoon. A photo session on some new motorcycle.
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A few examples ...

An overly correct acquaintance, just the wrong conversation partner at a birthday or reception. Hybrid drivers with an abundance of Chinese solar panels on their roof on the visible side of their house. Leftists reporting you with some superior disapproval in their voices…

Dunstall damper

Imitation dampers

Real - or counterfeit in England - Megaton dampers, Norton S-pipes and Dunstall Db Dampers are quite expensive. Chinese reference is quite cheap. But some of that Chinese offering has been muted so much that your classic cafe racer is under construction - and who isn't building a cafe racer right now? - can cause respiratory distress. Above a certain speed, the Chinese smother the engine block in its own exhaust gases.
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You can restore here

So, bottom line, it doesn't even have to be more expensive to have a restoration carried out here in the Netherlands. David Nieuwenhuis of DN Restorations from De Meern, for example, is one of the entrepreneurs who even returned to the Netherlands from Poland. Because the craftsmanship is still here. And because 'cheap' in practice all too often means 'expensive'. Whatever you decide: be well informed, make clear agreements and put them on paper.
Honda Super Cub

Honda four-stroke blocks ...

For many people, overhauling the up to 50 year old engine blocks is no longer an option. Because quite pricey. At least not for enthusiasts who prefer employability to absolute originality. In China, Taiwan and Korea