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    Get parts ... Between the holidays

    It must have been a long time since it seemed like a good idea to go to England just after Christmas to go to Birmingham Triumph to score parts. With – I remember – Mick Woolworth. It was still in the time when you can stay warm and dry on your motorcycle alone More

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    A motorbike ride. And a link to Christmas

    An industrial major brewer recently presented a reborn budget beer: “A unique proposition that fits between a distinctive specialty beer and a thirst-quenching pilsner.” Logo and style were translated to all 'touch points'. And if you think that only after consuming a lot of budget beer people talk so stupidly… Marketing gibberish 2.0 At the More

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    A kind of Christmas story?

    In a Christmas story, things usually end well. If that's the point, then this is a Christmas story. We were talking about the Bandidos. To me that name sounds like that of some kind of crunchy snack that you munch on in front of the TV, but the law sees it differently. Hans told about his positive experiences More

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    Free MOT inspection via Auto Motor Klassiek!

    Bosch Car Service, you have undoubtedly heard of it, after all, 380 car companies are currently already connected to the car service system. On June 1, the range of service products was given a new look and you can not only go to the affiliated car companies for an MOT inspection, but also for business