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    MZ in Cuba

    MZ in Cuba. We don't immediately think of that. When we think of Cuba we think of beaches, cheaply sculpted young women dancing, cigars and of course the old Americans who have been kept there for decades with every conceivable and unimaginable patchwork. A 1200 cc Ladablok in a 54'er Chrysler? No problem! Those American cars More

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    Oldtimer Vacation in Cuba

    With AMK to Cuba Organizes in collaboration with Kras Auto Motor Klassiek a wonderful Oldtimer holiday in Cuba. The 9-day trip will take place in November. The trip also offers you a unique opportunity to soak up the Cuban atmosphere. As a classic enthusiast you will also experience a pure American classic car experience several times within a More

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    MZs and Cubans

    Gerrit Kranenburg is involved in ex army engines and parts. After the fall of the Wall he bought a lot of MZ's and MZ parts. The first wave of sales went to… The former East Germany when, after the initial fear of freedom, the inhabitants regained a nostalgia for nostalgia. MZ's and Cubans But for now More