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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf Diesel. Revolution in 1976.

In the first half of the 204s, Volkswagen engineers looked closely at the fairly limited diesel supply within the car industry. Also prompted by the first oil crisis, the development of a new generation of compact diesel power units is starting. Peugeot is already building small diesels for the 304 and XNUMX. But VW decides that the Golf concept lends itself perfectly to a much improved diesel engine. The diesel engine should not only be economical and efficient. The new diesel will also have to demonstrate performance values ​​that correspond to engines from comparable petrol cars. The starting points form the prelude to the first VW Golf Diesel.

Diesel out the door

Diesel is suspect these days, even reprehensible. The particulate matter from diesel engines is a threat to just about everything. No particle filter or shoddy electronics help with that. By reasoning clearly, administrators and the government have made this clear. We classic enthusiasts are also…

Rudolph Diesel

The disappearance of Rudolph Diesel

At those moments when you are zooming along the streets in your diesel and the traffic does not require too much attention from you, you can think about it. About the phenomenon of diesel, for example. You may feel that the…