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  • Morris Minor 1000 from 1961 by Rein. English solidity.

    Morris Minor 1000 from 1961 by Rein. English solidity.

    Why especially a Morris Minor as a classic? Other classic English cars also have good features and maybe just as much comfort and space. No, for Rein the Morris Minor gives just that little bit extra: A special style, reliable even after 60 years. Can be used in current (busy) traffic and problem-free for long distances. […] More

  • Jaguar S-type

    Jaguar S-Type 3.8

    One of Auto Motor Klassiek's loyal readers approached us in an original way. He just emailed a valuation report of a Jaguar S-Type 3.8. Admittedly, that didn't lie. A very charming car was thoroughly assessed on numerous points. A report you can take home with you! We understood very well what the […] More

  • Triumph Spitfire MK 3 (1968) by Dries. “A joy forever.”

    Triumph Spitfire mk3 (1968) by Dries. “A joy forever.”

    Dries has this successful creation by Triumph owned for many years. And even better: the beautiful red Triumph Spitfire mk3 from 1968 can still regularly be seen on the road at regional rides and national club days. As regional coordinator, together with a group of enthusiastic members, he organizes the cup ride 10 times a year, and […] More

  • Triumph Trident

    Triumph trident. What's in a name?

    A trident. A spear with a personality disorder. Or cutlery for a lover of five pound steaks. And traditionally the weapon from the PSU of Poseidon, a God from the time when people still believed in Gods. And the unimaginative ones. But dramatically charged type name for three-cylinder combustion engines. The Triumph So trident. More

  • Austin A30 1

    Austin A30: Unique in shape and design

    Sometimes you have a chance meeting where the owner is eager to show his 'small classic car' to others. He was willing to reveal that he was a big fan of small classic cars such as the Italian bambinos (Fiat/Autobianchi) and English saloons such as this Austin A30. However, we didn't get to hear the story behind the car, so we thought it would be fun to dive into the (advertising) past of this 'everymans' car.  More

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