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    Utreg revisited - column

    Leddy was blessed with a bizarre sense of humor. He was also the kind of Harley rider that makes them very restless nights at The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company Benelux. The kind of Harley-Davidson rider that the illustrious factory hasn't - repeat, DO NOT - want to be associated with for decades. More

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    A vacation memory column

    It was a time when motorcyclists were not yet notorious spa drinkers and non-smokers. I then worked at a company that inspects compressed air cylinders for firefighters and divers, among other things. One of our customers had a motorcycle shop and a diving club. A large part of the clientele consisted of motorcycling divers. I drove More

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    Other times: The brochures and advertisements

    We live in a time when a lot is no longer allowed or done. Black Petes are no longer allowed. Apparently topless tanning is also over. The comics by the Doorzon family and Harry from The Hague have meanwhile been widely supported to say the least undesirable ideas. And use female beauty as a lure in brochures More

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    Sexism and sex

    Sexism and sex 'Sex sells' is a popular marketing slogan. But that sexual associations can also be negative has also been proven. It happened to Fords Edsel and at BMW they also got the wind from the front. But how sexually obsessed do you have to be to see genitals everywhere. we got it then More

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    BSA, 'More for men'

    And that 'More for men' is the battle cry under which RTL7 (or something) operates. But it wasn't just BSA that approached its target audience in this way. Sex sells And that was just as much wisdom as 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday'. But the essence of advertising is to arouse attention and greed. And More

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    Sex sells ...

    Who would ever have thought of such a serious brand as BMW? That it would allow itself to be tempted into something as basic as the approach of 'sex sells'

    And whether it worked? More