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  • Mercedes Benz 240D 3.0

    Mercedes-Benz 240D 3.0 – drive with a smile

    At the time, it was considered the fastest diesel passenger car in the world. A top speed of 148 km/h and a time span of 19,9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h were sufficient for that qualification. More importantly, the Mercedes-Benz 240D 3.0 was the first passenger car in the world to have a five-cylinder diesel engine. […] More

  • Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    In the mid-80s, the development wheels in Neckarsulm were running at full speed. NSU was working full steam ahead on two mid-range newbies. The RoXNUMX with Wankel engine was destined to show the world the innovation potential of NSU in an ultramodern way. A second middle class car that is also stylistically progressive, with a more […] More

  • Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    But now that it seems to be the umpteenth cold investment, it suddenly becomes interesting. That is, in fact, an even grosser misjudgment. Its strength does not suddenly lie in an ill-considered amount of euros, dollars or other earthly mud: the Porsche 928 has always been brilliant as a car. Successor De über-Porsche was perfectly intended; a […] More

  • BMW 320i coupe (1992) by Joost. Optimal driving pleasure.

    BMW 320i coupe (1992) by Joost. Optimal driving pleasure.

    When you see the photos, you are overcome by a deep sense of admiration. For enthusiasts who feel the attraction with the 80s/90s, this BMW 320i coupé from 1992 in concours condition will certainly evoke nostalgic feelings. We all have a tendency to find everything beautiful from the time of our youth, don't we?  More

  • Volkswagen Beetle 1303 (1973) by David. A 'personal' classic

    Volkswagen Beetle 1303 (1973) by David. A 'personal' classic

    The word Beetle sounds familiar to many people. Many people immediately associate the word with the Volkswagen, which evokes memories for many people. Memories of a disappeared street scene. That does not apply to David Halbersma, because he is only 19 years old and would like to keep this 1303 Volkswagen Beetle 1973 on the road as a hobby car. David is one of the young enthusiastic classic enthusiasts who likes to show his classic in the area.  More

  • DSCN0880

    BMW K1. Dream bike or nightmare?

    BMW made 'old cock engines'. That was clearly the perception of the more dynamic motorcyclists after the arrival of the large, fast Japanese four-cylinder. But sturdy blond techies with square foreheads above their blue eyes can of course also go crazy. Also at BMW. If you just give them the chance. So the BMW K1. More

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