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  • sabotage

    Citroën and tampering

    This year, 75 years after the German surrender, much attention is paid to WWII. And in that time many stories and anecdotes come into the picture. The cunning sabotage of Citroën is a good example of this. Sabotage: the origin The word sabotage was born during the great Liège strikes of 1886 More

  • Goodyear

    Goodyear has been active in space missions since 1969

    One set of tires from Goodyear, one giant leap for the future of mobility: Nearly fifty years ago, Goodyear's non-pneumatic XLTs (Expertimental Lunar Tires) were the first to ever leave a tire track on the moon. Since the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, the tire manufacturer has been working closely with space pioneers to develop the largest More

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    The American Way

    In January 1937 Margareth Bourke-White was commissioned by Life Magazine to report on the catastrophic flooding of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, US. Without realizing it herself, she took a picture that became an icon in the Great Depression, the (economic) crisis of the More

  • Rudolph Diesel

    The disappearance of Rudolph Diesel

    At those moments when you are whizzing down the gentlemen's roads in your diesel, when the traffic does not require too much attention from you, you can think. About the phenomenon of diesel, for example. You may feel that the 'oil' you have just filled up with and if it spills on your shoes, More

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    Inventor Trabant

    Who can still remember November 9, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall was pulled down and thousands of GDR residents were able to get acquainted with the Free (…) West. Many in their simmering and smoking Trabant. Just as in 1945 the (Willys) Jeep became the automotive icon of 'liberation', so did the More

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    Dreaming about long vacations. In an R4?

    Many Randstad enthusiasts see the R4 as an endearing toaster for local traffic or a ride to Nes aan de Amstel. AMK reader Hans Beltman went to Italy in his R4 and his Lief. Neighbor Ernst told about his study time where he earned by renting out his R4 to fellow students More

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    Lola Cars

    Lola Cars has been very successful as a constructor in almost every branch of motorsport in the past decades. From Formula Ford to Formula 1. Some remarkable facts at a glance. The first Lola monoposto, the Formula Junior Mk2, saw the light of day in 1960; barely two years later Lola was with the More

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    100 year Maserati, the trident brand

    Maserati is celebrating its centenary this year, which of course everyone should know. Ronald Ackema popped up Auto Motor Klassiek a little deeper into the history of the brand that appeals to the imagination. More

  • Matra Vignale to Matra museum
    in The museum

    We wouldn't have gotten the idea if Andre Kout of Kout Automobiles hadn't told us that he had sold a car to the Matra Museum. The Matra Vignale that travels from Wieringerwaard to the Musée Matra – Tél. : 02 54 94 55 58 | Ville de Romorantin-Lanthenay More

  • Trabant excursion

    A weekend in Berlin

    Berlin may become the capital of Europe. If at least Europe stays. We have learned from a good source that the stacks of money for the Neuro and Zeuro have already been printed and are drying up. But there is much to be said for the idea. Just from a tourist point of view though. The city has everything to make a long weekend very beautiful. And 'everything' can then be seen in the relationship as in between 'Her and Him'. More

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    Volvo 1800ES

    Volvo 1800ESVolvo 1800ES year of construction 1973, LPG. Restored this winter. Neat car Only the interior and chrome work still needs some attention. Body perfect. € 12.500.-. Tel. 06-53153972 More