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Kawasaki GPZ 1100

Kawasaki GPZ 1100

The ancestor, the Kawasaki Z1 (900 c), the engine that technically dethroned the Honda CB750 ohc, came from 1972. The four-cylinder with double overhead camshafts delivered 81 hp and was…

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Honda CB 750 Hondamatic

Honda CB 750 Hondamatic: Rare

Of the more than 8000 copies of this (semi) automatic that were produced in 1976, 1977 and 1978, no engines ever officially came to the Netherlands. Later there were some gray imports. Not suitable for Europe The European market was…

Japanese classics

Japanese classics: A show!

Japanese classics have now become 'main stream'. That is because there are now a lot of people who have their reference/nostalgia frame around 1960-1970. And especially when it goes towards the mid-seventies - again 40+ years ago -...