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    2020. Gloomy year with personal classic highlights

    Just a few more days and 2020 will be ready. It was a year in which the world was gripped by COVID-19, in all its seriousness, in all its facets. A year too, in which working and living took on a whole new dimension. That also applied to myself. Fortunately, I was spared the necessary suffering […] More

  • Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6

    Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6. Noble Italian beauty

    The West Frisian dike was transformed into Via Flaminia on a beautiful summer day. The reason? Auto Motor Klassiek is in and around Schagen for a report on the beautiful and stately Lancia Flaminia by Nan Beers. He bought one of his dream cars in 2019. Why Nan wanted to become the owner so badly is clear when seeing this rare Italian with a beautiful history. More

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    Lancia and the beauty of coachwork con il telaio storico

    Today, car manufacturers are tumbling over each other to develop as many new models and trim levels as possible. Yes, the rat race has been stopped by a certain pandemic. But still: there are so many developments. Take Mercedes-Benz for example. A press representative who was very kind to me once dropped the count […] More

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