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  • Chevrolet Corvette

    Chevrolet Corvette: Plastic is fantastic

    Meanwhile, Corvettes are, of course, wonderfully pointless icons. It doesn't take four people, you can't tinker with a towbar and the classic 'Vettes' prove that for the fun factor torque and power are much more important than handling and that kind of details. You can't put a lot of groceries in it either. The classic Chevrolet Corvette is beautiful in a Dolly Parton way elegant and they are just wonderful cars. And they are polyester, plastic. More

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    Fiberglass-reinforced polyester

    And we're not talking about the 'plastic is fantastic', like Mehari's ABS and stuff. But about firmer stuff. Glass fiber reinforced polyester was once seen as 'the new steel'. Glass fiber reinforced polyester is a composite material consisting of a plastic resin matrix, glass fiber reinforcement and some other additives. It allows for greater design flexibility […] More

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    Polyester tubs

    Polyester shells, also nostalgic Polyester shells, those were motorcyclists' best friends since the sixties. Before the widespread introduction of polyester, there were of course already aluminum knocked streamlines. But they were all traditionally beaten by seasoned craftsmen. That approach was of course disastrous for mass production. With fiberglass […] More

  • fs1 side caps, polyester

    Jan makes polyester stuff

    in addition to a question he sent to the editors as an AMK reader. We give you the piece of text that is relevant:

    ... I myself am pretty handy with the material polyester, copy old-timer parts, for example for classic mopeds. More