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  • Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    But now that it seems to be the umpteenth cold investment, it suddenly becomes interesting. That is, in fact, an even grosser misjudgment. Its strength does not suddenly lie in an ill-considered amount of euros, dollars or other earthly mud: the Porsche 928 has always been brilliant as a car. Successor De über-Porsche was perfectly intended; a More

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    Unique Porsche 911 2.5S / T at Techno Classica Essen

    Next Wednesday, the annual Techno Classica festival will kick off again in Essen, Germany. This grand event is characterized by a multitude of classics, which grace the fair in the German city every year. Traditionally, this extensive collection contains very special examples from bygone times. We highlight one: the Porsche More