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  • Number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to rise Peugeot

    The number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to rise

    The popularity of and the number of old-timers in the Netherlands continues to rise. In the Netherlands, old-timers are officially cars of 40 years and older that are exempt from road tax. But the RDW and Statistics Netherlands also take into account cars from the age of 30 that are still subject to road tax in their figures. At European level […] More

  • RDW

    RDW: Rules are rules

    A loyal AMK reader had the time after his retirement to make his dream come true: he was going to restore a 2CV. That process started a few years ago, when old ducks changed hands for little money. And it ended for the time being at the RDW. A retirement project The car our reader found was […] More

  • Diesel

    Diesel out the door

    Diesel is suspect these days, reprehensible even. The particulate matter from diesel engines is a threat to just about everything. No particle filter or shoddy electronics help with that. Administrators and the government have made this clear by reasoning clearly. We classic enthusiasts are also saddled with that realization. And soon we will not be allowed to go anywhere, drive or be like […] More

  • License plates, the RDW and the Coop ...

    License plates, the RDW and the Coop…

    License plates and the Coop… And of course at the other postal agencies. Not a bad word about the supermarket staff who have been blamed for the RDW services. But it persists. The license plate blues This morning it took three people to…. Qualify a license plate as 'not transferable'. The problem was […] More

  • Welding a frame, is that allowed?

    Welding a frame, is that allowed?

    Is welding a frame allowed? Well, not actually no. But it is done quite often. Anyway. Think of the now highly popular cafe racers. And if it is done neatly and technically well? Then you will actually have no problems with a police check. After all, our engines are usually older than most […] More

  • The license plate counter, RDW

    The license plate counter

    Every year in the Netherlands about 1.000.000 used passenger cars - and that includes our classics - and about 125.000 motorcycles with experience legally change hands. And then we are talking about transactions between private individuals. Of course, that transfer can be made at one of the PostNL branches located in supermarkets. There is […] More

  • Chassis number

    About chassis numbers ...

    Imagine: You have been the owner of a classic for two years that you have known for fourteen years from your circle of acquaintances. And before that, the car already had a Dutch registration. So that car has been to the garage quite a few times and is a regular visitor to the RDW […] More

  • in

    Suspensions - better plan?

    On the island it costs nothing, in the Netherlands you have to pay a lot for it every year. Since the introduction in 1988, various agencies have been busy convincing the government there that annual repeating is a bastard thing. More

  • Tax, RDW, exemption

    The tax and the RDW: communication check

    Many classic enthusiasts have received a letter from the tax. Whether they just wanted to pay. In the communication between the Tax & RDW, something has gone 'smoothly': the date of first admission was looked at instead of the year of construction. More

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