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    Jawa. Forward into the past

    Retro is a trend. The big brands now all have something that is a tribute to the past. In the most elaborate PR approach, happy sense refers to a history that never existed. That is something for marketing reasons. From the budget corner are a bunch of brands that - whether or not under European supervision - are made in China. These motorcycles / motorbikes are usually based on eighties models from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. More

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    UAZ 452. Not retro, but real

    New Beetles. Minis and Fiat 500s? I see retro as designers' weakness or cunning marketing. Retro isn't real. Of course there are exceptions that I like. There are the Kawasaki W650-800 king axles on two wheels and the recent 650 cc Royal Enfield twins. Those things each have added value. But whether More

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    Retro or fake?

    Retro or fake? Retro styling proves that some things were indeed better in the past and / or that the imagination of the youngest generation of marketers and designers leaves something to be desired. After that Triumph, a while ago, the Bonnevilles injection provided a hood that looked exactly like a carburetor, we found that More

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    AJS is back. What is in a name?

    AJS. What's in a name? AJS was one of the leading British brands. Ever. The brand, founded in 1909, went under, but the brand name lived on. Just like the brand names of other British motorcycle brands that ended up wandering under the drafty wings of rights holders, adventurers and dreamers. The British More

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    Retro is good

    True retro bicycles are of course not conceived as retro. They are just living fossils. Manufacturers have generally made the transition to the present with limited resources. And with the right slant, they give the best of both worlds: the old skool looks plus an acceptable degree of daily employability. More

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    Becker retro audio

    No dashboard is complete without retro Becker. A Mexico in your W123 or a Grand Prix 2000 in your 300 SEL: you underline the originality of the car in a beautiful yet simple way. More