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  • SEAT (Ochocientos) 800

    SEAT (Ochocientos) 800: Small Spanish fury from Edo 

    The first thing that comes to mind when you look at these photos is the FIAT 600. We will tell you nothing new that the FIAT 600 has been one of the greatest successes of the Italian automotive industry. The small four-seater car gained international fame. It was a car from a time of progress and optimism and one that had a major impact on society. Another aspect was that the FIAT 600, as well as other popular models, contributed to the development of the car in general. Read more

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    2the hand books

    The Spanish motorcycle industry A book by Mick Walker about Ossa, Bultaco and other Spanish motorcycle brands. A story about a disappeared industry Read more

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Portugal revisited

    Portugal revisited. This morning, following a message sent in, we had some thoughts about classics in Portugal. And a few readers have done what we will do in the future: They checked the photo via Google and saw that the Portugal from the email is actually located in the Antilles. Of Read more

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    "Under the Spanish Sun." Beautiful Other Times broadcast full of classics.

    Holidays. It starts as unpaid leave, and it is only after the Second World War that many Dutch people receive an extra holiday allowance on top of paid leave. Slowly, the Dutch are able to overcome their fear of different food, of bad luck on the road and other languages. The makers of Other Times composed a wonderful broadcast about the development of the Read more