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  • Volvo P1800 (1964)

    Volvo P 1800 (1964). Pieter Postma's car

    Beautiful women, ugly crooks, fast cars and dangerous adventures. The elderly, feeling young, still know Simon Templar (aka The Saint) (Roger Moore) as a charming adventurer and charmer, who drove a Volvo 1800S. This popular TV series certainly contributed to the success of that model. This Swedish sports car, a Volvo P 1800, also received star status.  More

  • Volvo Duett (1966) - Vintage cars in Auto Motor Klassiek -

    Volvo Duett (1966) by Harry. A leisure classic

    Harry owns three classic driving machines from Sweden. His workhorse is a classic Volvo Pickup that is used daily within his company for maintenance of Swedish boats and especially painting and boat repairs. As an independent entrepreneur, and especially Volvo enthusiast, he is also involved in the purchase and sale of Swedish boats under the company name Svenskip Fryslân. This time, however, it is about his Swedish beauty, a Volvo Duett. More

  • Volvo Amazon 1968 2

    Volvo Amazon (1968) by Piet Wijbenga. A class car. 

    We like to use the word 'image' when we talk about Volvo models. Image is the image that exists of Volvo and is precisely used when it comes to the Swedish quality product. Surrounded by solidity, safety and comfort, Volvo has a strong reputation. Piet Wijbenga, the owner of this 1968 Volvo Amazon, can confirm this. More

  • Saab Convertible 900 Turbo 1988 2

    Saab Convertible 900 Turbo (1988) by Rob

    The classic of Sweden is sometimes said, but we think that the beautiful stylish and now rare convertible also deserves that predicate in the Netherlands. We encountered this extremely tempting form of transport on the Wadden diamond Ameland with Hillie (Rob's wife) behind the wheel. Rob turned out to be a car coddler who, together with his wife Hillie, has the necessary outdoor fun with the Saab.  More

  • Volvo Duett (1959)

    Volvo Duett (1959). Today's technology, the look of the past

    The statement: Driving with the old technology is precisely the charm of the classic hobby. A statement with which Ebele Visser does not agree at all. His mission: Look as original as possible, but only with modern technology. His reliving is therefore purely because of the model. The technique is a creative project, a very own idea, a personal form of expression. You could also say: A creative activity. Like his 1959 Volvo Duett.  More

  • VOLVO 66DL (1979)

    VOLVO 66 (1979). Hobby car from DAF enthusiast Tom Nauta

    It is beyond dispute that Tom is a fan of our Dutch passenger car. His car life started with a Daffodil. Then a DAF 33 and two station wagons of the type 55. The DAF passenger cars were produced until 1975, after which the Swedish Volvo took over the passenger car division and the DAF 66 became Volvo 66 with the necessary modifications. More

  • Volvo 340 GLO

    Volvo 340

    Volvo 340. The car that was actually a DAF. A car that was launched included teething problems that you would expect with British or Italian cars. The car with the advanced stepless drive of the DAFs from before. These 'as good as Volvos' survived their difficult childhood and became well-behaved bourgeois compact middle-class cars. More

  • SAAB 96 (1963)

    SAAB 96 (1963): Friendship for life

    It was certainly not a sad sight for Sjoerd Helbig when his Saab 96 saw sunlight for the first time after more than 35 years. The introduction to his first Saab goes back to his childhood when sparks flew and he became addicted to Saab. He rode some of his favorite […] More

  • Volvo Amazon 122 S.

    Volvo Amazon 122 S. Rally monster from Albert van den Berg

    For Albert, the 67'er Volvo gives a lot of fun. He is a member of a veterans club and social contacts are important to him. His Volvo Amazon 122 S no longer competes for the beauty trophy. For example, he applied the color himself with a roller, put the bumpers in the chrome paint and also applied a roll bar for safety.  More

  • Volvo Duett 1959

    Volvo Duett 1959. Understated luxury

    The Volvo Duett now has a legendary status. It is the patriarch of the later classic Volvo station wagons. An original Dutchman in a beautiful color scheme of maroon & white. We found a classic that you no longer encounter every day in Wouterswoude.  More

  • Volvo P 1800

    Volvo P 1800 from Jan Venema

    If you stand in front of this stylish Volvo P 1800, you can think back to a day (1963) when this very nice copy was picked up at the dealer. Later in the street the family and the enthusiastic neighbors enjoy the beautiful blue paint. The nice smelling upholstery. The brand new tires and the sparkling chrome, a feast for all senses. More

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