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  • DAF 46 (1976) by Willem: pure beauty.

    DAF 46 (1976) by Willem: pure beauty.

    We go back in time, when Hub van Doorne's dream became reality with the introduction of the first Dutch passenger car, the DAF 600. The 'smart poker' was an overwhelming success at the RAI in 1958. William knows the entire history of the rise, and also the fall of the […] More

  • DAF 33 (1969) by Frits is a real crown jewel

    DAF 33 (1969) by Frits is a real crown jewel

    Do you remember? The Dutch car manufacturer DAF ran into problems and had to go bankrupt to survive. DAF (truck production) is doing well again, but the passenger car division already disappeared in the 70s due to the takeover of Volvo. The dream of Hub van Doorne, a Dutch person still lives on […] More

  • DAF 66SL (1974)

    DAF 66 SL (1974). Adventure in Lapland

    For Joris van Nispen, Volvo is the beloved car brand. Maybe that's because he has a refuge in Sweden. His holiday home there is also a 'home' to enjoy the little pleasures of life and also sometimes to keep life in balance due to his busy work in the Netherlands. Joris bought a DAF 66 […] More

  • in

    DAF Daffodil (1965). Genius car from Cor and Rianne

    Is it any wonder that DAF is still unleashing so much? And can you suppress that emotion? When this beautiful DAF Daffodil was parked in Dokkum it was even difficult to take a picture, the passenger car from Dutch soil attracted so much interest. By: Dirk de Jong The qualities of the DAF brand ensure that […] More

  • VOLVO 66DL (1979)

    VOLVO 66 (1979). Hobby car from DAF enthusiast Tom Nauta

    It is beyond dispute that Tom is a fan of our Dutch passenger car. His car life started with a Daffodil. Then a DAF 33 and two station wagons of the type 55. The DAF passenger cars were produced until 1975, after which the Swedish Volvo took over the passenger car division and the DAF 66 became Volvo 66 with the necessary modifications. More

  • Ford Amsterdam

    Ford Amsterdam. Ford in the Netherlands

    In a recent conversation - about classics, Corona and discrimination - an old uncle Jaap came into the story. Great uncle Jaap apparently had been a car polisher at Ford Amsterdam for much of his life. So at the Amsterdam Ford factory. He apparently had a full-time job with the cellulose lacquer used at the time. More

  • Jouta

    Jouta. Shot from the brain of Hans Jouta

    Writers are inspired by other writers by reading their books. Painters by viewing other works. And sculptors? They are also inspired. For Hans, being creative does not only mean making works of art. Being creative is an attitude to life that creates new worlds. He made De Jouta, only one performance in the world. More

  • Russian Classica

    Ruska Classica. The freebooter feeling

    Not just a car, the charm is appealing. Ruska, the manufacturer from Amsterdam called him 'Classica', but his birth certificate said: Volkswagen – brown – buggy (1968). For the Ruska Classica we have to go back to the 70s when buggies were extremely popular. By: Dirk de Jong In the different types you saw […] More

  • Volvo 340

    Volvo 340: Very cheap classic driving

    The very last Daf was designed as the DAF 77 in the early seventies by the proud Dutch car manufacturer DAF. In 1975, the passenger car division of this company was taken over by Volvo. The DAF truck branch is doing great so far. Volvo did its Scandinavian thing to make it a Real Volvo from […] More

  • DAF 750 DAFFODIL front

    DAF 750 DAFFODIL, a class of its own

    Most of the beautiful things in life fade with age or are tarnished by the ravages of time. Henry Berkhof of JB Trading from Ede came across this 'smart poker' in France and delivered the DAF 750 DAFFODIL from an uncertain future. By: Dirk de Jong He was put away by the owner […] More

  • ESA DAF 33 Pickup

    ESA DAF 33 Pickup, a trip down memory lane

    ESA is a household name in the world of transport. The years of growth of the company have now led to 12 DAF sales & service branches in the Netherlands, Poland and Denmark. The DAF 33 Pickup is a survivor from the early years. By: Dirk de Jong Once started as Elema-Stollenga's Autobusdiensten (ESA) […] More

  • DAF camper

    DAF camper, is it time to say goodbye?

    Just a little while and this DAF camper will be anchored deep in the earth, the elements have had free play for years. The owner may see this unique DAF as a storage type, but for us it is a sad sight. It goes without saying that the DAF with the self-built caravan is slowly […] More

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