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  • Impression: Volkswagen Transporter T3 1.9

    Volkswagen Transporter T3 1.9. An impression.

    Michel Verhaag's Volkswagen Transporter T3 was driven by the undersigned for various purposes. For example, the VW served as a parts carrier on the way to classic car events. And if your own transport was not sufficient to transport large items, there was no obstacle to getting the Bus on loan. High time More

  • VW Bus - the Tiki bus

    VW bus

    The VW bus idea came from our own Ben Pon, who got his inspiration from a Beetle-based vehicle for internal company transport. The Beetles were 'Type 1' for Volkswagen. So the vans based on the idea of ​​the enterprising Dutch VW importer Pon became 'Type 2'. The bus also brought the More

  • VW Transporter

    The legendary VW Bus sketch from Ben Pon exists 70 year

    It was a special vehicle that Ben Pon senior sketched in his diary exactly seventy years ago, on April 23, 1947. The Amersfoort trader and founder of the Dutch Volkswagen importer envisioned a practical delivery van based on Beetle technology, with a strongly rounded body, the engine in the back and the cabin above the front axle. Of More

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    The Fridolin. Smart air-cooled postman from Volkswagen

    In the 1s, Volkswagen had already had success with the Transporter in the commercial vehicle segment for a number of years. The T1964 sold excellently. It was used for various purposes and within various industries. In 1, Volkswagen also presented a Spezialkleintransporter in addition to the multifunctional TXNUMX. The Fridolin saw the light of day and became the German synonym More