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    We used to have a winters column

    It's cold, wet, dark. There is a storm and wet blobs of snow come down. My spotlights poke reproachfully into the white gunk. It is a quarter to eleven as in '22.45 .XNUMX '. I am tired and alone on the road and twenty minutes from home. And I have to pee a lot. The water is up to my lips, but before I have found my cold person in hiding in this misery behind five layers of textile? I don't want to think about it and accelerate a bit. More

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    Nowadays everything is romanticized and 'specified'. For example, continue driving in the winter on a motorcycle. That's something for the toughest knuckleheads. That is not true. Modern motorcycle clothing, handle and buddy heating and possibly even winter tires make 'driving on' in anything but ice not much more uncomfortable than a ride in early spring. that all those More

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    Motorcycling in the winter

    Motorcycling in the winter: That's not cool, it can just add a dimension to your passion. In terms of temperature, it is also doable with today's motorcycle clothing and the fact that you can also ride a 12V classic with electrically heated gloves. Delicious on the road in winter in winter More

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    Get a motorcycle license

    Get your motorcycle license in winter. Is that a good idea? If people say you're crazy to get your motorcycle license after XNUMX, the best way to confirm their suspicions is to do it in the winter. But you don't even have to be over fifty for it More

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    Winter is coming again

    What is rain now will turn into snow in the winter. And people have been anticipating that change for years. In countries where preventive brining will not take place from mid-May, you can continue to enjoy your classic. But hey, let's respect and cherish our classics here. This weekend More

  • Sunday evening in the snow

    Motorcycling in the snow

    Hoera. It is winter. That was it last Sunday, and now also a bit (From: Men, motorcycles and (some) girls) It's cold, wet dark. There is a storm and wet blobs of snow are falling. My high-beam headlights poke reproachfully into the white gunk. It is a quarter to eleven as in '22.45:XNUMX pm'. I More

  • 2016 starts with 50 shades of gray

    A unique start

    Recently there was a repeat of the film 'The hell of 63′. A bitterly cold Elfstedentocht, deprivation, suffering, pain, but still make it through. Oh yes: and Love conquers all. Incidentally, the film showed that there is nothing new under the sun: In 1963, apparently everyone just drove in More

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    Last winter ...

    If it snows, really snows, then we call each other. And so there were three sidecars again on the Posbank. The Posbank for which we will tell you about 5 years that there was one and a half and two meters of snow More

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