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    Hans's lender

    Recently we wondered what we, from classic circles, thought that the technically excellent, generously patina-provided 2CV borrowed from Hans should yield. After the sale, Hans is not without ducks yet. And he has his eye on a fresh project yet again. But he still doubts. Because then he has one duck too many. Read more

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    2 resumes and stuff. What the crazy…

    … gives for it. Everything is relative. And in our playground all prices are asking prices. In addition: as an enterprising provider once said: “to ask for little money is cowardly”. But the trend is that the current asking prices, and more than some final prices, are quite serious amounts. Read more

  • Citroën To me

    Citroën Ami 8

    De Citroën Ami 8, an evolved type of 2CV, is one of the most recognizable cars of all time, along with that 2CV, the pike, the Beetle and R4. With the loss of recognisability, automotive charm has been exchanged for the somewhat pumped-up looks from the wind tunnel. You can't stop progress. But we think the trend is a bit sad. A befriended old school car enthusiast grumbled; "They all look like swollen barbed suppositories." Read more

  • Citroën 2 CV chassis restoration

    Citroën 2 CV. An iconic Anne Annema car

    Anne Annema is one Citroën specialist in heart and soul and has extensive technical knowledge about everything where the 'Double Chevron' stands up. To him is an old ugly duck, the Citroën 2 CV, inspiring. Ingeniously put together and 'one of a kind' in a car country. Read more

  • Citroën 2 CV

    Citroën 2 CV. That is not a car, but a 'phenomenon'

    It is the job of the motoring journalist to effectively inform people about the motoring news. The press information from the manufacturer went to the journalists of car magazines and newspapers so that they could report on it. The journalist's own impartial opinion was of great importance and that's why it's nice Read more

  • Citroën Dyane - front

    Citroën Dyane: the Ugly Duck 2.0

    De Citroën Dyane: not really discovered yet Some classics are already legendary. And if a classic suddenly becomes 'hot'? Then prices go up. We once bought a 1967 Mustang here for 450 guilders… So it is nice if you are there on time. Auto Motor Klassiek therefore not only gives Read more

  • Citroën 2CV

    Citroën 2CV, up to 20 mille

    Every classic car enthusiast should have read at least one story about the prototype with only one headlight this year, including the story that that copy collided with someone who thought it was a motorcycle coming towards him during the first night ride. And now there are all those perfectly restored Read more

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    An order duck from France

    A borrowed from France A borrowed from France. An endearing classic. How beautiful can a find be? But happily, people sometimes forget that the Loire in France is more than a river. It's a climate divide. South of the Loire is the France of our dreams. North of the Read more

  • 2cV

    Malle bombées for the 2CV

    Des malles bombées, trunk enlargers. And a silly bombée, that's just one. Those were things that a lot of French people thought they could do to earn a living. And for what kind of cars was increasing the trunk space the most important? For 2CVs of course. Because in a test from the early duck years it became Read more

  • French

    The French anyway

    The French anyway. They usually speak French fluently, but it does stop there. Also this holiday we have a number AutoMotorKlassiekreaders can help with their French concerns so that they get what they want done. Maybe we should set up an AMK emergency center for that. An action that Read more

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    Citroën 2CV rat look

    Rat look Duck A little further than Broadstairs, well, 'a little further', hours drive away, your editorial office in Evershot, north of Dorchester in the County of Dorset on a somewhat cluttered industrial estate, was confronted with the depicted Citroën 2CV. At first glance it looks like a very old specimen. With a strange license plate. Read more

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    Duck on the water

    Duck on the water, they dared to Lovers of the Citroën 2 CV will look somewhat surprised at this picture. A Duck entered the water on 15 March 1961 on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, according to the reports on the back of the photo from our 'banana box'. The fire brigade has the Duck Read more

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