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  • Alphense Oldtimer Day

    The Alphense Oldtimer Day

    The Alphense Oldtimerdag Last year the curtain almost fell for this festival. Now it is reborn. This year is already the 34th edition of the De Alphense Oldtimerdag. A tour along Zwammerdam and Boskoop will start from 9.00:11.00 am. A 2 kilometer long ribbon of vintage cars awaits visitors from XNUMX a.m. More

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    A tip for the coming weekend: Soest

    A final beautiful ride of the year, a day of fiddling around in a beautiful Hanseatic city and a totally relaxing day in a thermal bath. And all that in Soest and the surrounding area.

    Do you have no idea how you could have missed such a beautiful combination in the Netherlands? More