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    The air-cooled Porsche Targa

    In 2014, the Porsche Targa with roll bar returned to the delivery program of the legendary brand from Zuffenhausen. From 1994, the manufacturers had carefully stored the Targa's Merk mold in the warehouses of the Porsche factories. The purists greeted the return of the safety item with a smile.  More

  • Chevrolet Corvair (1963)

    Chevrolet Corvair (1963). René Kennis wants to see the 'life' of the car. 

    The insidious rust did little damage to this sheet metal victim, so it was far from succumbed. There is no doubt that nursing is needed. The plans are therefore to fight the robber knight (rust), but there will be no total restoration, because René believes that you should continue to see the 'life' of the American. So no major visible changes, the paint remains patina. The improvements come with the engine overhaul and the restoration of the sheet metal.  More