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  • Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Alfa Romeo Giulia by André Kardol. A separate class 

    The characteristic of this Alfa Romeo Giulia in the racing trim is the white color (Bianca) with the colored nose with which races were previously held on the circuits under the name Squadra Bianca. It was an amateur touring car class with all the same cars that were driven and fought very hard. Presents were not handed out on the track, every race was an experience.  Read more

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    Gloria Julia!

    “The Supertje is ready for you.” Frans de Groot's app was more than a birthday present. It is a sign of complete confidence, and a prelude to a wonderful weekend driving with an old friend: the well-maintained Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super, which will be delivered during the summer of 2019. Read more

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    Colombo & Bariani feeling

    A while ago I called Frans de Groot. Intimate people within the Alfa Romeo world know him like the back of their hands, because Frans has been involved with Alfa Romeo for a lifetime. He cherishes a deep love for the brand, and he is still busy making Alfa's special creations, Read more