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    An AlfaSud 1,5 TI. A survivor

    The Alfasud turned out to be a revelation for the car world. For the first time, Alfa Romeo opted for front-wheel drive. Inspired by VW? Alfa Romeo would conquer the world from southern Italy with a new revolutionary, affordable middle class. That became the AlfaSud. A completely new engine was developed for the project, a 4 cylinder More

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    Alfasud in 1972

    Building a brand new car in a brand new factory, working with workers who have never built a car in their lives, is a recipe for impending disaster. Just think of the Hillman Imp and De Lorean. Anyway, we started about the Alfasud, which was used by former and More

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    40 year Alfa Sud

    It's almost unbelievable, but the Alfa Sud has also been in existence for four decades this year. Although the opinions about that More