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  • Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Alfa Romeo Giulia by André Kardol. A separate class 

    The characteristic of this Alfa Romeo Giulia in the racing trim is the white color (Bianca) with the colored nose with which races were previously held on the circuits under the name Squadra Bianca. It was an amateur touring car class with all the same cars that were driven and fought very hard. Presents were not handed out on the track, every race was an experience.  Read more

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    Alfa Romeo GTV. The most beautiful Alfa ...

    When they were new, they were already so beautiful. And how times can change, we read in 1984 in Keesings Autopraktijkboek: The choice between a four or six cylinder will be a matter of budget. But so much is the two-liter not inferior to its somewhat heavier brother, the six-cylinder. Read more

  • Alfa Sei

    Alfa Sei. A very special car.

    What will be found under the hood of the Alfa Sei? Yes, a six-cylinder engine. A V6 to be exact. In the sixties, the Alfa Romeo brand had sales successes with models such as the Giulia in all kinds of versions, a convertible with the name Spider and a coupe that Read more

  • AlfaSud

    An AlfaSud 1,5 TI. A survivor

    The Alfasud turned out to be a revelation for the car world. For the first time, Alfa Romeo opted for front-wheel drive. Inspired by VW? Alfa Romeo would conquer the world from southern Italy with a new revolutionary, affordable middle class. That became the AlfaSud. A completely new engine was developed for the project, a 4 cylinder Read more

  • alfasud

    Alfasud in 1972

    Building a brand new car in a brand new factory, working with workers who have never built a car in their lives, is a recipe for impending disaster. Just think of the Hillman Imp and De Lorean. Anyway, we started about the Alfasud, which was used by former and Read more

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    Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    Verkeerd Afgelopen: Alfa Romeo Alfetta More than 'a little bit' Verkeerd Afgelopen it is with this – right-hand drive – Alfa Romeo Alfetta that recently photographed a 'connection' in the landscape of Drenthe. The car has been sitting outside in a – let's just write 'messy yard' – waiting for better times for years? The story Read more

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    An Alfa Romeo can also rust ... 

    Rust… That something like this can also happen to an Alfa Romeo is nothing new. Nevertheless, we would like to point out to the eager buyer of a classic Alfa where this all manifests itself. If you see some 'bubbles' here and there in the so neatly polished sheet metal, then think of the photos shown here. Such an Alfa Romeo Read more

  • Electric Alfa

    Optical illusion

    Sometimes you feel that your eyes are deceiving you. That happened recently when a car with a very not so big trailer passed by. On those trailers was a classic Alfa, which somewhere passed a fold message to the brain when passing. Fortunately, the combination stopped a few meters Read more