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  • Minissima

    The Minissima. It seemed such a nice idea

    The Minissima was a small concept city car designed by William Towns (as Townscar) in 1972 as his suggestion for a replacement for the Mini. The Minissima was displayed by BLMC on their stand at the London Motor Show in 1973 after BLMC took over the prototype from Towns. Less than More

  • valve caps, dust caps, aluminum, body

    annoying valve caps

    It's the little things that do it. However? That is why we fully understand that running at a trot to top companies such as Action and Aldi to buy those beautiful aluminum valve caps for a minimal amount. Those little things can be true jewels for any classic. Oh yes: Ze More

  • Restom, aluminum cleaner

    Restom, to clean aluminum

    Restom Netalu 8060 removes the 'black' from aluminum and light alloy alloys. It is especially suitable for cleaning soiled, dull and blackened surfaces. The deposit of road salt can also be removed with this. It can be used separately but is also perfect for after-treatment if you have first used the DDM 2050. More

  • An aluminum inner shield as protection

    Behind the scenes. From Lokari

    Lokari aluminum insert protects mudguards against sand, salt, stone, etc. They are available for various car brands and models, also for many classics. The inset inner shields are designed in such a way that air circulation is created between the splash guard and the wheel arch of the car. More

  • old-aluminum-as-new

    Old aluminum as new

    Vincent van Ginneke has stepped back in time for a few decades and has since applied a traditional method for cleaning old and weathered aluminum. This is the so-called wet blasting, a technique that was first applied during the Second More