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    Volvo Amazon. Vilken fantastic buttock!

    It is a question I am regularly asked. “What do you think is the best car in history?” † Admittedly, that's a tricky one, because the answer depends on many factors. Besides, I'm not very sure about that sort of thing. But I still believe I know which car I'm getting More

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    Volvo Amazon… a strong concept

    In September 1956 a car was born that is still regarded as a highly respected classic to this day. The Volvo Amason – known in the export markets as Volvo Amazon – accompanies the PV 444 (Katback) from that moment on. Jan Wilsgaard's design has been well received and is characterized by, among other things, beautiful lines, good road holding, excellent equipment and (preparations) for passive safety. More

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    Volvo Amazon in 1: Whitebox 43: reasonable price, worth it

    Model car manufacturer Whitebox has been supplying a number of attractive miniatures in 1:43 scale for some time now. Among the wide range of scaled-down car brands are some beautiful Volvo copies, which are very worthwhile for adepts and collectors. We highlight one of the scale models of the Swedish brand: the 220, the station variant More

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    Tracing requested: The EU-15-53.

    Reader Maarten Hoekstra is looking for his father's car:

    It was a gray / blue Volvo 122S, Amazone, 4-door with red faux leather upholstery with many small holes in it. The most important thing is of course the number plate. That was EU-15-53. My father was the first owner and sold the car I think in 1975, but it could also have been a year earlier, but certainly not later, because they then went abroad. More