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  • Classics

    Classics, not for everyone

    Something can be pretty good. You can want it, want it. But that doesn't mean it has to fit you. Classics are desirable, but not everyone can handle Tech 1.0. And things only go wrong when a classic gets cult status. A very funny example of this is the Read more

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Portugal revisited

    Portugal revisited. This morning, following a message sent in, we had some thoughts about classics in Portugal. And a few readers have done what we will do in the future: They checked the photo via Google and saw that the Portugal from the email is actually located in the Antilles. Of Read more

  • Classics in Austria

    A train journey through Austria

    AMK reader Jan Eggink and his Lie had decided to take a tourist train trip through Austria. From the train you have fantastic views of the Alpine landscape. Jan is a passionate photographer and he had been anticipating the trip for ages. We have seen his photos, and they are very beautiful indeed. What Read more

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    The last ride

    In the meantime, classic body coaches have found their second life with funeral entrepreneurs who want to stylishly offer the last ride of classic lovers. Read more

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    Hot item

    We thought we had it all, boiling motor, cooking on the motor, cooking for the not yet starting motor ... But no, cooking in the motor or better barbecuing Read more