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    Classic riders are different - column

    We classic riders are different from modern motorcyclists. As friendly as they can be, they usually follow the arrow of their GPS on their almost perfect motorcycles. During lunch stops they eat healthy sandwiches and drink Spa or decaffeinated coffee. They no longer smoke either. We heard from someone who planned a week-long trip up to the location and time of lunch stops. Read more

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    Bad luck on the road - column

    Stopping for motorcyclists with a breakdown is no longer of this time. There is often not much to tinker with on the verge of modern motorcycles. But what if you see a man in full motorcycle outfit walking next to a Honda VT500 in the blazing sun? Then you are heartless if you don't stop for a moment. Apparently the man was happy to make a stopover on the false plateau towards Velp. Read more

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    Heart of the ANWB Roadside Assistance: the Citroën 2 CV

    The yellow brigade of the ANWB celebrated its 15th anniversary on April 2016, 70 and the anniversary was celebrated. The rescuers in the event of a breakdown have become iconic on our national roads since 1946. Today, arriving yellow Volkswagens are at least a symbol of hope in the event of automotive disaster. But from the transition period between the fifties Read more

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    The roadside assistance is 70

    And just like us, we must continue to work. It is a misconception that the 947 Roadmen who are now driving around are only busy having cars towed with unexplained electronic malfunctions. The current Wegenwachter is fully trained and up-to-date. With his stuff and knowledge he can (are there Read more

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    Important week ahead for BOVAG and KNAC

    The BOVAG and KNAC have an important week ahead. Both interest groups follow national and local politics with more than normal interest. The BOVAG will protest against the proposed tax plans for motorists next Monday. The KNAC is anxiously awaiting whether the Utrecht city council will decide next Thursday to Read more