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  • Volvo Laplander (1969)

    Volvo Laplander (1969). Tough freebooter. 

    “The hunt for a green Laplander” was successfully completed last year when Peter found this special Volvo Laplander Valp L 3314. The search for an idiosyncratic type, a powerful off-road vehicle, came to a crew car built for the Swedish army that is more than 50 years old.  More

  • Volkswagen illtis

    Volkswagen Iltis: on a large leave

    If you have passed the age of 40, then there is certainly a question of 'great leave'. However, the uniform of this Volkswagen Iltis was maintained. By: Dirk de Jong This military all-rounder was developed by Audi and served as a passenger transporter. Perhaps even as a command vehicle in the Bundeswehr, and later in others as well More

  • Army vehicles Beetle

    Army vehicles and WWII

    For Auto Motor Klassiek we don't pay much attention to military vehicles. Army vehicles are pre-eminently simple, technically not very interesting utensils. And what many people usually understand by 'beautiful', they usually are not. The 'staff cars', the cars for the transport of officers, were usually large pre-war civilian models that had been stripped More

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    Oldtimer Weekend Groede

    The Pentecost weekend in the town of Groede always guarantees a lot of spectacle. The Oldtimer Weekend Groede that takes place then is one More