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  • autumn

    Classics in the fall

    We can talk about late summer. But of course it's just autumn. But with this kind of autumn, it's great to have another (long) weekend with the classic. It's already Thursday... Classics as decoration in a museum? No, the classics in the Arnhem open-air museum are really part of More

  • Environmental zone

    Arnhem is also tackling green surrealism: the environmental zone is coming

    From next year, Arnhem will be the city with the strictest environmental zone for passenger cars in the Netherlands. Diesel cars from before 2004 are no longer allowed to enter the center of the Gelderland capital and diesel cars from before 2006 only if they meet certain European requirements. Green Left cheers, but on a good foundation under this decision More

  • Arnhem environmental zone

    Arnhem environmental zone extension is by no means certain

    At the end of last month, the introduction of the strictest environmental zone in the Netherlands seemed a fact. From 2019, Arnhem would no longer allow diesel cars from before 2004 into the demarcated zone within the Gelderland capital. However, the city council in Arnhem has put a stop to the intention. She first wants to have an investigation into the extent to which the introduction of More

  • Environmental zone

    “Arnhem also believes in an environmental zone fairytale”

    Arnhem already had an environmental zone for trucks, but today it became known that the municipal council of the Gelderland capital is also banning older diesels. From 2019, diesel passenger cars with a first admission date before 1 January 2004 are no longer allowed to drive into the center of Arnhem. The measure would limit 800 cars More

  • open air museum, DAF

    Bad ended?

    open air museum, DAFNo. Quite good. Because this DAFje is a museum piece. It stands for a few Amsterdam buildings rebuilt in the Open Air Museum. There are still a few classics in that Open Air Museum. More

  • Thomas Wildey, Arnhem

    A reader invites you

    Open session on Wednesday 9 October

    On Wednesday evening 9 October 2013, the Thomas Wildey Loge holds an open session / evening for interested men who want to get to know us. More

  • A two-hour walk through a beautiful par: Moscowa cemetery in Arnhem

    An interesting excursion

    On 17 May the Arnhem-based Thomas Wildey Loge of the international Order of Odd Fellows - yes, there is such a thing - is organizing an excursion at the Moscowa cemetery in Arnhem. The tour of an hour or two is for a good cause, the Toon Hermans house in Arnhem. And if you have gained your portion of culture? Then there are wonderful roads, pleasant catering establishments in Arnhem and over the IJssel, highly interesting classic companies More