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  • Lancia Fulvia Coupe

    Lancia Fulvia Coupe. Make Lancia great again!

    While the turbulent 1963, full of hope and hate, writes history, the sun is shining in Italy with the creation of the Lamborghini brand and the start of production of Lancia's most famous car ever. Designer Piero Castagnero delivers a masterpiece with his design that the brand would never surpass. But not only the […] More

  • DeLorean DMC-12

    DeLorean DMC-12 – wing lame

    The statement “like snow in the sun” seems to have been coined by DeLorean's story. The brand that could have succeeded for as many reasons as failed. However, the cause of the brand's fall, just a year after the first DeLorean DMC-12 rolled off the line, came from unexpected […] More

  • VW Golf I Convertible
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    VW Golf I Convertible

    It is May 1994. Exactly 20 years after the introduction of the Golf I, a brand new VW Golf I Cabriolet is delivered in beautiful Inka blue just before the summer in Leiderdorp. The Golf II (never made as a convertible) has then been discontinued for 3 years. Its successor, the Golf III Cabriolet […] More

  • Citroën DS 20 Break

    Citroën DS 20 Break. The Nose of the Pike.

    When owner Marc gladly informs me that we are allowed to photograph a great 50 year old 7 seater station wagon, it could be German, French, Swedish or American, but in any case something beautiful. When a few days later I'm in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly has a pointed nose with a split […] More

  • BMW 6 series

    BMW 633 CSi

    I call A about the sale of his BMW 6 Series E24. He has to sell it because of his return to Suriname. “Forever!” he adds when I have him on the phone. "But the roads are too bad for this car so I'm selling it." He turns out to be the BMW 633 CSi 38 […] More

  • Saab 96

    Saab 96 two-stroke Short Nose, 1962

    I traveled to Dalfsen for a very special classic. We are talking about a 96 Saab 1962 two-stroke Short Nose. Special because of the cart, but even more so because of the condition. Now I come across restored classics on a daily basis. Often in this condition too. But rarely is there an enthusiast who […] More

  • Panther

    Panther J72

    Sometimes a car presents itself and you are not sure what to think of it. A car that does not fit in a box and cannot be interpreted. Is it beautiful now? The yellow license plates are confusing me. You expect blue with such an antique model, right? And there it is on the […] More

  • Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

    Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint | 1964

    Just look… There she is. All alone. Almost shy. She knows we stare at her perfect lines. Down her hips to her beautifully shaped, modest backside with those signature deep-set taillights. Through her clear windows to the 55 year old leather. She knows this needs to be replaced… Is she ashamed […] More

  • Porsche

    The Porsche fairy tale and the 9 fairies

    Life used to be simple. You could only choose the best. There was a Golf in a raw GTI version with diamond upholstery. A Delta was there as an insane Integrale. Ferrari had the most famous model ever in production; the Testarossa with showy egg sliders. And then you had the Countach. Madness! […] More

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    Triumph TR6 | For the good cause

    To govern is to look ahead, the local pub owner in my hometown always says. And there is no in between. Yet every year we allow ourselves to be attacked by summer or winter, for example. We only buy winter tires when it is winter and therefore at the highest price. And we buy a boat […] More